Dimitri Rey - Founder

Dimitri Rey is the founder of Tocado. Holding a degree in contemporary history and Political sciences, he worked 7 years in France as a designer and instructor of professional training courses. In 2014, he installed himself in Portugal after falling in love with the country and its quality of life.

He created Tocado to share his passion for Portugal, food, culture and histor. He is always after a good chat around a nice meal. In charge of the organization, he will guide you throught your workshops and visits around Lisbon.

He speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. 

Fabio Pombo - Chef

Fabio Pombo is a brillant innovating chef from Lisbon's region. After working in several successful restaurants in Lisbon like "Carnelentejana" or "Atelier 145"  (both are delicious, you should try them !)  he joined us to lead our "Not so" Traditional Portuguese cooking workshops". 

Fabio is in love with Portuguese traditional food and wines. He came back from recent traveling experiences with this habit of tasting new products, trying news cooking methods and the urge of sharing his discoveries. Passionate by chemistry but also history, he will tell you a lot about Portuguese Gastronomy !

He speaks Portuguese, English and some French



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